Hay fever attack

Pub 6. After much stupidity between the Tweseldown and The Foresters. We are at pub 6. I apologise for my bad grammar and general mistakes. It is understandable. Surely. Maybe later the blogging will end when we’re too drunk to update it. Dinner will be served at this pub and then on to the The… Continue Reading

Pub 5. The Tweseldown

Here we are at pub 5. Still standing and we had a ‘travelling beer’ at a shop on the way. All planned of course. Dinner at the next pub. Tony’s Pub crawl rating out of ten is: 7.6 Continue Reading

Canal walk

Rauf “special” Jordan. The sun is still shinning and we’re having a lovely drunken time. I just won the darts at The Fox & Hounds and my drunken typing whilst walking is pretty good 🙂 Continue Reading