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2016 – FPC XXII

2016 - FPC XXII

New look!

Well, not so much of a new look as a re-working of the layout structure and back end of the site. Also some updates. But have a look around anyway!

Something new!

Ok, so this year we are going to try a live blog as we go round the route by phone. Although I suspect no-one in the world except my wife will be checking it for updates it should be a bit of fun…so keep an eye out for updates….

Disaster and Recovery

Well, the site was deleted by my host due to a drive being corrupt. I realised I only had a backup from 2003. 🙁 So I used that and went on from there. I also took the time to revamp the pictures page. Videos to follow… and hopefully the routes etc…but for now this is it.

FPC 12

Well, the FPC 12 went down a storm. In fact thats exactly what happened, it rained…hard. Luckily we were inside drinking while it was raining so all was well. 🙂 This year we only suffered from one casualty…my camera. Despite this setback we managed to continue taking pictures with my mobile phone. Hooray for technology.… Continue Reading

Maps and Routes

Some of you may have noticed some new maps on the route page. Thats cos Ben has been working his socks off to produce them. Well done Ben….now we know where we are going AND where we have been… Continue Reading

This Years Date!

So this years FPC is the 15th of July. Fleet residents eware…lock up your daughters…er…and in fact your sons and pets. But seriously, we probbaly won’t be any bother…we are after all now all seasoned drinkers and adults to boot!….well nearly adults…..well….whatever… Continue Reading