Edward: Self styled drinking guru who divides his time between beer and champagne. Edward has been known to be known by the nicknames Ed and Eddy. Not the most creative of nicknames perhaps but what Ed lacks in nickname he fiercely makes up for in drinking prowess. Edward also came up with the now famous concept of “Beer String”. A feat that no-one else has come close to.

Anthony: Somewhat of a maverick drinker, Anthony has been know to delve on the rim of alcohol with such things as Pastis. Anthony has had quite a few nicknames over the years including Dick, Tony, Axe, FT and Bones. Anthony has had many an amusing quote while on the FPC but unfortunately we can’t remember them. The only one we can remember was said when he was young and decidedly sober which was: “Lets win millions and millions of pounds and then sell it all!“.

Ben: The new kid on the block as far as the FPCFM are concerned. Which is absurd as we have all been doing this for over 15 years. Known aliases are Benkitonk and Benny Boy. Ben likes a pint and has been known to experiment with such things as Baileys. He has also experimented in finding the drink that provides easiest bladder control while playing Pub Cricket. Most recently Ben has been instrumental in producing the route diagrams for this site!

Andrew: The dark horse of the group Andrew has been know to drink Vodka on occasion. However these days its more of a beer and wine thing. Andrew has been referred to as Ratboy and Ratty amongst other nicknames. Always ready with a dry and/or sarcastic comment Andrew keeps the rest of the team on their toes. More recently Andrew has used his technical expertise to blog pictures of the crawl as it happens to the site. Fascinating we are sure, to all of our wives and girlfriends…

Alec: The FPC’s Ironman! Alec divides his time between work, drinking and extreme athletic events. We are not sure why. Known pseudonyms are Gib, Fitz and Posh. Like the rest Alec enjoys a decent beer but has been known to have consumed a lager by the name of Tungsten which was 9%. It didn’t end well. In his own words Alec has called himself “an Alecoholic“. We are not sure if this is a massively egotistical statement or if its just funny…or both.

Rauf: The FPC’s self proclaimed “Crap Talking Maniac“. Rauf continues to amuse and dismay due to his habit of deciding to speak while inebriated. Rauf has been know by the nicknames Ruaf, Rafu and Roof amongst others. Rauf’s drink of choice is Whisky which perhaps is an explanation for the above although he has been known to drink beer as well…and sometimes both at the same time. Rauf also never suppresses the need to lie down in the street or in fact anywhere while on the FPC. You have been warned.

Honoured FPC Guests:

Chris: A Pub Cricket force to be reckoned with! Chris joined the FPCFM in 2004 at the height of the Pub Cricket phenomenon. Ed and Chris battled it out for the prize and Chris eventually claimed victory. However, the fallout from 2004 was massive and in fact changed the game for us all. The FPC would never be the same again and Pub Cricket would no longer be considered, at least not for a while.

Lawrence: Perhaps the beacon of change Lawrence joined us in 2008 when we decided to mix things up a bit by expanding our drinking horizons. More pubs and possibly more walking. Although he may have also brought the grey weather as we got rained on that year too!


Gareth: Gareth’s first crawl with us was in 2014 when we started (unofficially) in Farnborough much to the contention of many members. Farnborough being the problem, not Gareth. A quietly confident drinking behemoth Gareth can booze with the best of them and still manage to not be totally messed. Well, that’s the story anyway…