FPC Rules and Regulations

Disclaimer: It has been brought to our attention that our constitution is sexist and homophobic. All we can say to this is that we were young and stupid. It is now kept here for historical significance

1. The Boundaries of the FPC are: The London-Southampton Railway Line; Hitches Lane: Crondall Road as far as the Basingstoke Canal; The Canal Itself until it reaches the road which I forgot the name of, but goes up past Crookham Infants to the Wyvern; Sandy Lane; The Tweseldown Racecourse; That road the Foresters is on till it meets the A3031 (or is it the A3013?); Kings road Fleet Road to the station.

2. The official event shall only take place once a year(though practice non-official events are permitted), on a date and at a time agreed by the Founder members.

3. The founder members are :

Mr. A.P. Dickie; Mr. J.A. Fitzsimmons: Mr. A.N. Ratcliffe; Mr. E.C. White

These gentlemen are entitled to use the initials FPCFM after their names.

4. Any licensed establishment within the boundaries is permitted on the route, though the use of the Old Emporium establishment is frowned upon by FPCFMs.

5. No Chicks

6. There is no rule 6

7. No poofters.

8. FPCFM are permitted to nominate a guest to join the event. The guest must be voted in by a two-thirds majority, by founder members.

9. A guest who has partaken in 5 pub crawls and who resides within the boundary parameters may become an honourary member of the committe upon unanimous election by FPCFMs at an EGM.

10. Apart from certain voting rights, FPCFMs share the same rights as guests and honorary members once the first licensed establishment has been visited.

11. The route of the event must be agreed by FPCFMs before the event (however under certain circumstances this rule needs to be wavered).

1. Or should the boundary include the Pontail area and the Pond? I mean the Fleet Pub Crawl should not preclude the possibility of a new pub opening on Fleet Pond, which was responsible for the growth of the town in the first place.
5. Even if we get to 30 and we’re all married and our wives say that they will divorce us if we go on the FPC.
7. The White Amendment
8. The second White Amendment
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