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What is the FPC?

The FPC is a pub crawl around the town of Fleet, in Hampshire…hence the name:




What are the origins of the FPC?

The first FPC was undertaken after the founder members received their A-Level results. It was originally a celebration / commiseration for this. It has continued every year since as a kind of reunion and possibly to see what changes have happened in Fleet considering none of us live in Fleet any more.

How many pubs?

There are now 16 possible pubs in the area which can be visited during the annual Fleet Pub Crawl. You can see them on the Pubs page.There were 2 additional drinking establishments that were visited but they have now been shut or burned down.

After 2004 it was decided that not all of the pubs in the area need to be visited every year. Perhaps we mellowed, or perhaps we just drink more in each pub now.

What are the rules?

The FPC constitution can be found here.

How long has it been going?

It has been going since the summer of 1995 and long may it continue.

Can anyone join in?

This is referred to in the FPC Constitution. But basically…no. You need to be invited by one of the FPCFM.

How much do you have to drink in each pub?

Although the general rule is that you should have either a pint or short in
each you can have whatever you wish. However, in recent years Pub Cricket
has determined a new type of scoring whereby the more you drink and the less
you go to the toilet the better score you get. This is more fully explained

Note: Pub Cricket has now been discontinued due to it destroying the mood of the pub crawl in 2004.

What does FPCFM stand for?

Fleet Pub Crawl Founder Member.

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